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The reality is that fibromyalgia can steal so many pieces of our life. As I share this with you, I am experiencing a FLARE. During this period is when it can be so easy to go deep within a hole and stay there. It can cause us to hide, to not want to do anything, and to give up on some of our most treasured dreams. That is why I have created FREEDOM WARRIORS.

My goal is to help you break the chains of fibromyalgia so you can live life more abundantly and live in FREEDOM. Living with the day to day journey of finding the best strategies to WIN OVER THIS DISEASE, I am in this with you.

What I now have come to realize is that I do believe God has led my life up to this moment and to lead this movement. I have over 25 years in highly specialized professional coaching and training (I know, right?) I have numerous certifications from executive coaching, organizational development, life transitions, grief, trauma, mindfulness, strategic business building, marketing, leadership, spiritual growth coaching and so much more. You might say wow, Tricia that is A LOT and what I understand is over all these years dedicated to personal development and making one’s dreams a reality this is a part of my DNA.

What helps me move forward every day is PURPOSE. I get up – Fight – Rest – Pray – Love with a desire in my heart to make a difference in the lives of others. Before Fibromyalgia hit me, I knew I lived for helping women heal from a hurting heart using art, journaling and coaching exercises to unlock their warrior strength inside. Now I know that I have been called to help women who struggle with chronic pain and invisible illnesses heal spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally. I also know that I am to help them revive those dreams, make new ones or hold on to the ones they have.

Who knew all my years of education, certifications, training, coaching, and faith would bring me to this point to use for myself and for others.


One day while laying down resting my body the word FREEDOM came to my heart. Here I was, laying down in bed and even with my master level mindset, the enemy wanted to come and try to steal my HOPE. I was determined that my bed would not be my prison!

That moment I was given a download into my spirit that I was to coach and walk women through the journey of finding freedom in their lives. My mission became so clear right then! I knew laying in that bed that this purpose was also my life-line: “I help women with fibromyalgia and other chronic pain disorders by teaching them how to build a positive life and heal along the way so they can experience freedom and be warrior strong in all areas of their life.”

Freedom through Gratitude Freedom with Hope
Freedom through Focus
Freedom with Boundaries
Freedom through Stillness Freedom with Faith
Freedom through Choices Freedom through Creativity Freedom in Forgiveness Freedom through Self-Care Freedom in Community Freedom from Loneliness
Freedom through Mindset
Freedom in Purpose
Freedom from Anxiety

It is then I knew I was to start an ADVANCED Community that brought us together that had the same craving in their heart for MORE OUT OF LIFE THAN THIS DISEASE.

Each month we will be unlocking a part of you that brings FREEDOM.

1 – You will have access to a coaching and teaching call from me on the subject that may include a handout or visual to help you. During this teaching (sometimes I drop through the month several teachings as we go through a workbook on a topic) I may also infuse journal prompts, affirmation statements to help you shift into unlocking this in your everyday life. Sometimes I may have expert guest on these topics to provide encouragement as well as life strategies to move you forward. For example: Embracing a new season and addressing grief. I may have a fellow expert and Dr. that specializes on something like grief, beyond a love one passing away. This teaching you can watch on your OWN time from even your mobile phone in bed. (Remember this is something I still do for myself!) I want you to be able to have this teaching for as long as you are a member so you can listen to it whenever you need it beyond the month I release it. What I know from personal experience is that sometimes the topic may not resonate in that moment but then a situation in our daily life unfolds and we may need it at that moment. You will be free to come back to this teaching again and again so you grow and have support. YOU WILL EVEN HAVE YOUR OWN APP ON YOUR PHONE :)

2 - You will be lead in a creative therapeutic art session around what you are learning to help process and anchor what you are learning. Studies show that by partnering an activity with a creative session to exercise your mind allows you to learn and retain on a deeper level. Studies also have shown that doing something artistic or craft-related improves memory function and also releases natural endorphins to release peace and happiness. Even watching the video and not doing the exercise in that moment shows that just watching the process helps reduce anxiety and depression.

3 – You will have the opportunity to look at what we are learning from a Biblical perspective. We will share meaning and scriptures that relate to the topic and also how to use scripture to battle in our dark moments so we strengthen the warrior DNA God has put inside of us. Sometimes it may be a group discussion with scripture art as we color, we discuss. Other times it may be a teaching with a handout and other times it may be a guest speaker sharing their insights.

4 – Girl Talk! Whether we chat in our private facebook group and build deeper connections, or we have an impromptu simple call conference call invite(whoever feels physically well or available) or we can join by video, this is the opportunity to BE TOGETHER, HEAR EACH OTHER’S VOICES and become CLOSER FRIENDS. We will discuss the topic of the month and how it is relating to our life. I want us to be there for each other and battle the loneliness of this disease and come out victorious by having a support system in place and a team of warriors that are on the battlefield together.

Extra Perks:  Coloring Pages, Affirmations to print out, pages to craft with, print out and more!

Extra art and crafting videos – I may surprise you with FUN videos that show you and teach some additional things to learn and tap into “HAPPY” and work through feelings when things are tough.

A Whole Library of Coloring pages, Tracing Patterns, Decoupage Papers, Words for expressing yourself and so much more for you to print out at home and enjoy.

Additional Private Facebook page just for us to go deeper and share about life and what we are learning.

Expert Level Badge on Fibromyalgia Women Warriors group so members know that you are transforming your life from the "F word" to the FREEDOM word!

Possible opportunity to be interviewed to share your story, your life, your dreams and your work to inspire others in their personal walk.*

****The value of all of this combined would be worth in the hundreds of dollars. My private coaching rates range to up to $2,000 a month so this is an opportunity to tap into my coaching and teaching at a fraction of the cost!

What members from Fibromyalgia Women Warriors Facebook Group are saying:
"I agree... Tricia is better than any therapist, I'm blessed to have her in my life. - Pamela M.
" Read your book from cover to cover the first week. Now listening to the videos. I finished August and the 1st video in September. Thank you for being real and giving great examples of songs, scripture and suggestions along with your stories. This is much more valuable to me than listening to a sermon. I finally realized that yes you are right... Iam a Warrior... I am working on finding my voice. Thank you for including me in the group." - Kay

"Freedom Warriors Tribe is helping me with me anxiety so much I have managed to drive on my own into the local city about 20 miles away and use my scooter to have a look around the shops. Without this help I wouldn't have been able to do it it without a family member taking me and if anyone looked at me funny because I was I was using my scooter I just thought they don't know what's wrong with me. I stayed in the shops for about an hour. Without the videos and teaching I wouldn't have done it and I am so proud of myself." - Sandra Humphrey

" Tricia, I made this art piece after watching your video last night! My very first time doing a collage type piece. I had so much fun. Thank you so much for the inspiration to use the papers that I've gelli printed." 

"My anxiety has improved so much and I have so much more hope about the future because of this group." - Robin Lacey




Kate Bancroft
Best Selling Author

Tricia's creativity is fun and valuable! Her commitment to help you is unmatched. Her dedication to the process of living a life in freedom is one she walks herself.

Stephanie W

Tricia is a continuous inspiration to me!

Denise Y

I have learned so much and her techniques have been invaluable!

Coni Meyers, 
Best Selling Author and Coach

Tricia is a powerful coach that integrates logic, mindset, and a spiritual connection that is really supernatural. We have led 2 private retreats together and the results the women had were nothing short of miraculous. In addition, her creative side to guide women through unlocking parts of their inner strength is just amazing!"